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About RE/MAX Realty Specialists


Sales Training to Help You Get to Your Next Level

Leading Realtors® need opportunities to not only sustain and enhance their professional skills, but also to keep current with this evolving industry. Our specialists create opportunities by providing Realtors® with the best in realtor training.


Between 100 Days to Greatness, Ultimate Agent, and RE/MAX University, we provide you with the tools and assistance to get the most out of your RE/MAX training.


Actively seeking the state-of-the-art technologies that advance realtors®, simplify organization and generates sales, RE/MAX is ahead of the pack which ensures that you will be ahead of your competitions.


Strong and stable growth needs strong leadership. At RE/MAX, direct training, leadership and support means access to expertise and a wealth of knowledge.

Team Building

Whether you are growing to that point where you need to start building a team, or you need help improving your teams productivity and sales, RE/MAX has programs in place to meet all your needs.

Individual Building

Whether you are part of a team or on your own, steps have been created to build your career and get you in the right direction.

RE/MAX University

Merging the latest technology and state-of-the-art facilities with the vast body of knowledge contained both within the network and with industry experts, RE/MAX University is the industry's best training program for real estate professionals.

Virtually every great idea in the history of RE/MAX has come from RE/MAX Affiliates. RE/MAX University is the means of taking this wealth of knowledge, consolidating it in a central location - the new RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver - and passing it back to Affiliates in the form of videos, live classes, downloads, podcasts and more.

RE/MAX University has three basic methods of transmission:

Training On Demand

Elements include videos from the RE/MAX Network, Internet downloads, and video and audio podcasts. The on-demand component includes Agent Training On Demand (ATOD).

Agent Training On Demand

Channels include In Focus (hot topics updated weekly), Best Biz Practices, Teams, Technology and Coaching. Segments include clips from RSN programs and RE/MAX conventions, along with full RSN programs by some of real estate's top coaches. A new In Focus segment is introduced each week.


The RE/MAX Global Education Center in Denver allows for regular classroom sessions. Offerings include:
  • Courses on Mainstreet, the RE/MAX Design Center and LeadStreet®
  • Dozens of educational sessions at RE/MAX International conventions and conferences
  • Seminars by top trainers, including Brian Buffini and Judy LaDeur

RE/MAX Internet Based Training

The RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN) was launched in 1994 and was the foundation of RE/MAX University. Now all of this powerful and exciting programming, along with great new material, is available at any time, any where, via the Internet to RE/MAX professionals worldwide. Areas of training include Business Courses, Internet Marketing, Technology and Management.

Nearly 30,000 Associates have completed courses leading to professional designations such as the ABR, CCIM, CLHMS, CRB, CRS and SRES. Additionally, more than 6,000 Affiliates have completed "Brian Buffini's 100 Days to Greatness - RE/MAX Edition," which airs monthly. It's good for continuing education credit in 15 states.

The "RE/MAX Coaching Hall of Fame" series, airing live in prime time the second Tuesday of most months, features top trainers including Howard Brinton, Brian Buffini, Judy LaDeur, Richard Robbins and RE/MAX International's Dave Liniger and Margaret Kelly.

Associates can purchase DVDs of the best of RE/MAX Internet Based Training programming through Mainstreet.

Sneak Peaks

Enticing First Time Buyers

Make Money & Friends On Facebook

RE/MAX Internet Based Training

60 hours per month of education, motivation and technology

The rest of the real estate industry has nothing to compare with the RE/MAX Internet Based Training, powered by RE/MAX University. RE/MAX Internet Based Training beams educational, motivational and technological programming free to subscribers at their homes and RE/MAX offices. RE/MAX Internet Based Training is the centerpiece of RE/MAX technology.

Without the time and expense of travel, whether across town or across the country, RE/MAX Associates and administrative staffs in North America benefit daily from RE/MAX Internet Based Training educational programming.

Designation courses in the comfort of your home or office

More than 25,000 registrants have obtained continuing education and professional designation credits via RE/MAX Internet Based Training. Courses are offered throughout the year and feature the industry's top trainers and educators focusing on the latest, hottest topics.

The rich variety of RE/MAX Internet Based Training programming is showcased in the glossy, four-color RE/MAX University Catalog, published quarterly - and also posted online on RE/MAX Mainstreet.

RE/MAX Internet Based Training designation courses include:

  • Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR)
  • Certified Commercial Investment Member (CCIM)
  • Certified Real Estate Brokerage Manager (CRB)
  • Certified Residential Specialist (CRS)
  • Certified Luxury Home Marketing Specialist (CLHMS)
  • Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES)


  • 60 hours of quality programs per month
  • Original programming
  • Learn at one's own convenience
  • Live and taped programs
  • Up-to-the-minute RE/MAX news
  • Quarterly RE/MAX University Catalog
  • Online RE/MAX University Catalog
  • Designation and continuing education courses
  • Offices can build libraries of RE/MAX copyrighted programming
  • Reduced travel time and expense

Program types

  • Monthly RE/MAX Coaching Hall of Fame
  • Advanced training in technology, management and marketing
  • Interactive presentations on timely real estate topics
  • Profiles of superstars and industry experts, with insightful tips
  • Consumer-oriented tips and techniques
  • Training for RE/MAX Broker Owners, Sales Associates, assistants and Office Staff.
  • Motivational speakers

100 Days to Greatness

The 100 Days to Greatness® program (RE/MAX Edition) teaches you the fundamentals of real estate lead generation through referrals. Business coach/industry expert Brian Buffini combines his training methods with video role-playing exercises, action steps and live accountability sessions, creating a comprehensive, practical learning experience.

You'll be amazed by how quickly you'll see a difference in your productivity.

This program is suitable for new and experienced realtors alike. No matter where you are in your career, the 100 Days to Greatness® program will show you how to provide your customers with excellent service and strengthen your client relationships before, during and after the sale. You'll generate a steady stream of high-quality referrals as a result!

You'll learn how to:
  • Take your database of existing relationships and create advocates who will help you accelerate your business
  • Proactively add new relationships to your database
  • Build relationships with customers based on trust
  • Turn traditional real estate lead-generation activities like floor time and open houses into effective tools for building your business
  • Use practical selling skills, such as presenting your services to buyers and sellers
  • Use targeted dialogues to build relationships and close more sales

RE/MAX Ultimate Agent

In real estate, taking your career to the next level requires an investment of time and money in self-development. There are a number of habits that top performers follow that set them apart. If you want to break through barriers in your career, you need to learn those habits. The accelerated training program, "RE/MAX Paths Ultimate Agent," powered by Buffini & Company, is available exclusively to RE/MAX Affiliates. Ultimate Agent moves beyond Buffini & Company "100 Days to Greatness® - RE/MAX Edition" and focuses on getting RE/MAX 100 Percent Club and Platinum Club agents to surpass the $100,000 to $500,000 earnings level.

The program places special emphasis on leveraging the power of the RE/MAX brand, RE/MAX University, LeadStreet and the Design Centre. Using these effective systems, you can put their unique tools and competitive advantages to work for you 365 days a year. The RE/MAX Ultimate Agent Program is a 30-day, activity-based program where you are an active participant, not just a passive learner. In this program, you'll learn how to:

  • Turn good clients into great clients
  • Build your business network and business directory
  • Work an effective lead generation program
  • Overcome challenges
  • Utilize financial controls
Plus much more! The program lasts four weeks (two sessions each week), and is offered through a certified Mentor within the RE/MAX office.

Masters Edge

Program Includes:

  • 12+1 Professionally Recorded, Tracked Audio CDs
  • 12 Hours of real estate content-rich learning
  • 10 Module Learning System | RE/MAX Edition Workbook | Exercises
  • 3 hours of Expert Role Plays - Listing Presentations, Buyer Presentations, Objections and Lead Follow Up
  • Business and Tracking Forms for immediate implementation into your business
  • The simplest Hot Lead Management System in the world featuring Lead Sheets, 55 custom, durable binder tabs, and complete instructions for implementation
  • Six month membership access to for sales tools, scripts, audio downloads and the complete Masters Edge program online
  • Highlighted focus on exclusive RE/MAX branded marketing tools including buyer and seller presentations, slideshows, web commercials, flyers and much more.
  • Implementation of LeadStreet - the most robust lead generation system in the industry. Exclusive to RE/MAX
  • How to obtain the MOST VALUE from your association with the most powerful real estate brand in the world.

What You Will Learn:

  • How to run your business like a BUSINESS and stop chasing transactions
  • How to track your business and recreate success
  • How to build a business, your way, using your own natural talents/abilities which will in turn create a sustainable, profitable and saleable business
  • How to manage and effectively convert leads to appointments
  • The importance of listings and how best to obtain and manage them
  • How to masterfully handle buyers and objections
  • How to move customers beyond loyalty to advocacy by delivering outstanding customer service
  • How to manage your finances to ensure a profitable retirement
  • How to manage your time effectively, and eliminate 80 hour work weeks
  • How to handle any objection with ease and confidence
  • How to create powerful listing and buyer presentations, marketing materials, websites and even consumer videos using the exclusive RE/MAX Design Centre at

RE/MAX & You

Discover what RE/MAX has to offer you in this entertaining half-day networking session. Learn about the history and growth of RE/MAX, the strength of the worldwide brand and what RE/MAX is doing to promote and attract business.

Find out about the latest career development activities, networking events and new tools and technology. You'll even have the opportunity to shop a selection of RE/MAX suppliers.

Learn how you can get involved in giving back to your community through our relationships with the Children's Miracle Network or the Canadian Breast Cancer Foundation.

We also feature a special one-hour presentation, facilitated by an experienced real estate speaker or a RE/MAX realtor who has a particularly great skill to share.

From any perspective, RE/MAX & YOU is the perfect way to find out what is happening at the greatest real estate company in the world! For additional information, contact us today!

Entrepreneurial Series

The Entrepreneurial Series program, offered exclusively to RE/MAX realtors who have achieved Platinum status, will facilitate long-term objectives for a profitable and sustainable real estate business. Realtors are recognizing that having a successful real estate career involves not only working in your business, but also working on your business.

Participants will learn how to:

  • Create a "Systems-Driven" business
  • Create a business plan that addresses achievable growth strategies
  • Create a financial plan to produce predictable profit, as well as cash reserves for the future
  • Apply accounting tips that will save you money
  • Compensate, and get better performance and results from team members
  • Exhibit leadership skills for ultimate results
  • Plus many other valuable skills
  • This supercharged series is lead by North America's #1 coach of Real Estate Mega Agents: Ken Goodfellow.

This exclusive partnership with RE/MAX is an opportunity for realtors to have access to what we believe is the most informative and meaningful real estate business training available in the market today.

Resources & Tools

LeadStreet is much more than a lead-generation and management system. LeadStreet reports can help you manage your business and help you create an enhanced relationship with your client. If you are looking to generate quality online leads and are looking for a system to track marketing for your sellers, then RE/MAX LeadStreet is for you!

The RE/MAX Design Centre, powered by Imprev, offers the RE/MAX realtor access to high-quality, customizable marketing pieces at no additional cost. The service offers more than 1,500 materials, including several hundred specifically branded for RE/MAX and RE/MAX Ontario Atlantic Canada. Realtors no longer need to hire third-party companies to produce quality marketing pieces. Unlimited access to a variety of flyers, virtual tours etc. help RE/MAX realtors be more competitive. Create samples for listing presentations, custom design a testimonial commercial from past clients or create a tour of your hometown or City to place on your website.

Documents available through the Design Centre include:

  • Feature Sheets
  • Brochures
  • Postcards
  • Web commercials
  • Virtual tours
  • Slide shows
  • E-cards
  • CD/DVD packaging
Unlimited access, unlimited opportunities!

RE/MAX Mainstreet is a member's only extranet website, exclusive to the RE/MAX organization internationally. The site is open to RE/MAX Affiliates, RE/MAX Employees and RE/MAX Approved Suppliers. This site offers you access to all the latest training information from RE/MAX International and provides a platform for all RE/MAX affiliates to share best practices.

The website exclusively for RE/MAX realtors. This site is continually updated by the regional staff to keep everyone in our network informed. By using, realtors can access all the details for private upcoming education and networking events. Print the registration forms online to fax or send email registrations and receive faster confirmation. Realtors can download RE/MAX trademarks and logos, listing presentations, editorial templates, and much more.

Agent Training On Demand

Agent Training On Demand (ATOD) is designed to help the best sales associates in the industry generate more business. Segments include clips from RSN programs and RE/MAX Conventions and a new coaching segment is introduced each week. Listen to the industry's best coaches, download resources and gather information any time through the virtual campus.

Subscribe to weekly podcasts through iTunes. Topics include:
  • Best Business Practices
  • Teams
  • Technology
  • Coaching
  • Education

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